A one-stop shop!

No need for multiple systems and spreadsheets to help you manage your trials. Airmed Trials help you track your patients, studies, available spots, invoices, budgets and study-status in one place, whether it is on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

Spot tracker

Clinical trials are becoming very competitive and challenging. Airmed Trials allows you to track your patients and available spots in a user-friendly fashion. This in turn will allow you to recruit faster.

Available spots

Not only does Airmed trials help you identify available spots for your patients, but it can help you filter them down based on patient demographics and disease status.

Study visibility

With a simple navigation dashboard you can find where your patients are in a trial.Plan and track study milestones across trial-related activities to optimize trial resources.

Study metrics

We created a simple way to track your progress. Assess progress on activities such as subject enrollment against goals, identify sources of delay, and take corrective action to restore momentum.

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Each trial centre has a different stream for opening new studies. Airmed Trials allows you to easily customize our CTMS platform to track your studies the way you prefer. Our platform can help you identify potential areas that you can improve.

Streamline work among study personnel

Track studies from creation to completion

Detailed reporting and data analysis readily available

Multi-Currency Support

Financing made easy

With multiple trials and numerous patients, you need an invoicing system that is secure, robust and easy to use. Our unique invoicing system includes:

Creating your own invoicable items for each study

A patient's billables to help you keep track

Reminders for late invoices

Summary of money requested, received and due