Airmed Trials

A platform like no other! By healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. Built by doctors, nurses and coordinators to ensure a true medical experience. Airmed Trials focuses on the user to ensure better workflow, higher recruitment, and detailed reporting while maintaining a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Optimize workflow

Track your patients, their status, and available trial spots in a simple dashboard view. It is even an App!

Enhance efficiency

Custom-built CTMS to facilitate trial openings and ensure proper timelines are met. Enroll fast with less effort.

Increase profitability

Automatic invoicing based on patient’s treatment and status. Boost profitability while ensuring billing compliance.

Standardize compliance

Transforms how you track patients from enrollment through study completion. Improved visibility of participants helps you avoid missing data and increase data quality.

Faster enrollement

Obtain unique tools to identify patients faster and track available trial spots that need to filled quickly. 

Financial Management

Have the financial confidence you need by using a custom-made invoicing system specifically for trials. Controlling and organizing your finances has never been easier. 

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